The best, and inevitable, course of action is to reimagine and rezone much of the excess office space for residential use.
A historically large number of private companies, poor and outdated governance structures, and the first prolonged recession in more than a decade will…
Money bail, whether $2,500 or $250 million, is one of the most insidious features of the U.S. criminal justice system.
The U.S. Congress is starting to believe that it is untenable for TikTok to continue operating in the U.S. under Chinese ownership
He was forced to buy an asset that he didn’t want. He overpaid by $20 billion, and he’s managing it as if he wants it to fail.
In 2023, we’ll double the number of black women Fortune 500 CEOs from two to four, and a number of high-profile organizations in civil society and…
The soft-power, professional version of studying abroad, only with higher stakes and earlier bedtimes
Investors in private companies, notably startups, will take more board seats and take them earlier
Fewer workers will rely solely on one employer, who doesn’t really care about them.
In 2023, workers will temporarily lose some recently-gained leverage to their employers
The combination of tight labor markets, hollow office mandates, and market pressure toward the long-run occupancy equilibrium will advance remote work…
Shouldn’t we want to communicate more effectively with more people?